Skill Training and Coaching


Trained hands lead to edified individuals. AIDER has special training centres for teaching tailoring to the migrant workers. When these workers arrive in their destination state, most of them end up in underpaid working conditions and jobs due to lack of any basic skills. AIDER puts thrust on the skill development of these workers so that they can engage in gainful employment in the Garment Industry.



Our approach is to coach and instruct the students to bring out the best of their abilities. Children often need a helping hand when it comes to identifying their strength. We help these underprivileged children in identifying these strengths and amplifying them to make these children come out flying with colors. At AIDER, we nurture intelligence with passion and dedication. We provide free quality education to the poor children of our society . Our tuition teachers are brilliant and work hard on the overall development and tutoring of each and every child.

we believe in all round development of each child. Therefore, we encourage our children to participate in all activities and provide them with all the necessary resources