our social Footprint

Mr VK Jha interacting with the workers

  • Technical session for Garments/Textile industries to improve work efficiency from cut to logistic, formation of works committee
  • Multiple engagement programs for Garments workers
  • Seminars on Internal complaint committee and social issue,
  • Social audit Third party.
  • Counseling session for workers/Management
  • Workshops for lower to higher management and workers
  • Presentation/ Public Speaking
  • Behavioral Prerequisites Micro Sessions
  • Techniques for Decision Making.
  • Creative thinking in Decision Making Decision Making from different perspective
  • Action Plan, implementation of Govt. Policies for Workers
  • Role of communication in building Interpersonal relationship
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence,
  • Foundation for building relationship,
  • Organizational Dynamics & Role of a leader
  • Emotional Intelligence & developing others
  • Leadership styles & Traits of a leader, Delegations etc.
  • To generate employment worthiness and opportunities for the desirable youth, men and women (particularly Old aged, chronically ill, and estranged), and physically challenged, who belong to lower socio-economic strata in both rural and urban areas by imparting education and training through facilitating them with well-equipped Vocational Training Centers in the field of Small and Cottage Industries, Handicraft industries, Typing / Computer implications, fine arts, crafts, music, painting, dancing, yoga, logical & physical fashion designing, tailoring, embroidery, beautician techniques, scientific herbal medicine, agricultural research, and in other professional subjects/course.
  • To provide help and assistance to the physically handicapped in respect to artificial limbs and/or any other challenges that will render them independence.
  • To empower and rehabilitate the deprived young and old widows, unmarried mothers, victims of abductions and their dependent children, estranged girl child, Slums trodden, people incapacitated by no resources of earning through residential care and vocational training and by extending free legal, medical and socio-economy assistance.

Our relentless commitment towards societal progress

  • To propagate, impart and spread overall social, cultural, religious, economic and historical awareness in order to nullify the social threats of crime, drug trafficking, child labor & child molestation, dowry, flesh trading and/or any other infamous abuses by adopting any effectively possible audio- visual methods, and to help in the development of such habits and behavior which will bring happiness all around.
  • To organize meets for the promotion of Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Educational and Cultural development of aspirants of all ages without any distinction on caste, creed or religion but for the interest of mankind in general.
  • To take special efforts and measures for the settlement of AIDS/HIV patients by organizing various awareness programs such as Organizing Camps, Meetings and Conferences and to effect Sex education in the adolescents to give away the chances of further increase of AIDS/HIV victims.
  • To take measures for the prevention and cure of other epidemics and infectious diseases such as Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Plague, Swine Flu, Dengue fever, and such other fatally dangerous diseases which can harm human beings at large
  • To devise and execute the strategies to bring about awareness of Sanitation, Health & Personal Hygiene, and Family Welfare in the desired area, and to work for the prevention and mitigation of Blindness due to Cataract, Glaucoma and other eye diseases by organizing free eye checkup and operation camps.
  • To work towards environmental upgrading by creating awareness about clean environment, ecological balance and necessity of plantations especially in view of alarming environmental degradation and upcoming consequences of global warming.
  • To erect and manage Orphanages, Ashrams, Dairy Centers and Animal Breeding Points to work against cruelty effected towards animals with the help of administration and concerned Ministry.
  • To devise, develop and manage handicrafts and hand-loom promotion programs, wasteland area development program, shelter for disabled and/or handicaps, nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, reading rooms, Trust, schools, colleges, and other institutions for all irrespective of cast, creed, sex, religion and their socio-economic status.
  • To devise and prepare awareness generation kits, posters, banners, audio-video cassettes, and to organize puppet shows, events, documentary films etc. On various social and economical issues.
  • To publish books, charts, illustrations, journals, newspaper, magazines, TV channel periodicals, newsletter/papers and other relevant educational aids on different subjects and in different languages for the accomplishment of above said aims and objectives of the NGO