Our Products

AIDER has started the classes of Art and Craft. Artwork that explores the motifs of urbanization and sustainability. If you will look around your surroundings, you can find a lot of inspiration and  execution of the inspiration that matters. Training of the technical faculty of home workers translated into end product i.e. our community products .

There was a visible change in the personality of the girls who joined us. All those changes include good values, strong personality, right attitude, fine character and beauty in their vision. No doubt, it’s a passion project of Mr. V K Jha, who himself is a signature of dignity and artistic gesture. 

AIDER’s aim is to enhance the quality of life of the deprived community. We are investing time in upgrading homeworkers’ skill. Therefore, we are empowering them economically. Handwork is a part of AIDER’s profile but making the girls more skillful is an achievement.

        Home workers are now making :

  1. Paintings
  2. Cleaning Agents
  3. Handicraft items
  4. Garments
  5. Wadiyan
  6. Papad and pickles

   This has encouraged a new wave of entrepreneurship among the home workers giving them the required financial stability and     decision making acumen.