Engagement and Awareness programs

Our leader, Mr VK Jha, has immense experience of interacting with the labor force and their subordinates, a careful precision of finding out the loopholes in the management system and devising strategies to boost the performance of the enterprise as a whole .We promote creative thinking in Decision Making, Decision Making from different perspectives, Action Plan & Multiple Engagement Programs. We help workers and other employees understand the role of communication in building Interpersonal relationships, Developing Emotional Intelligence to provide a strong foundation for building relationships, Organisational Dynamics & Role of a leader, Informing about various leadership styles & Traits of a leader, the necessity of delegation etc


It’s very essential to gauge the behavior of employees and identifying the pulse of the issues that run across the organizational hierarchy. It’s also important to understand how intra- and inter-factory dynamics influence the entire working system? How factory managers engage and interact with multi-stakeholder initiatives, highlighting the unevenness through which multi-stakeholder initiatives undertake their activities on the ground? These dynamics should be taken into account when considering relational governance as a mechanism to improve working conditions along with health and safety measures. Efforts should be made to make people understand their roles in the chain and how they must alter their behavior in a way that boosts overall efficiency and coordination.

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