Cultural celebration

AIDER's Children Performing at Annual Function Vyom

Independence Day is the national festival of our
country. Every year we celebrate Independence Day
on 15 August with great
enthusiasm in schools, colleges etc. In AIDER, we also
organize a function for Independence Day.
Students are always very excited about it. They dress themselves in different attires related to freedom fighters; it is like a mini fancy dress competition. They perform on songs which they have prepared. Students sing chorus songs on patriotism. A play is organized on women issues in front of all parents to spread awareness. Plays have their own significance in our eyes, we see and we relate to our reality. The celebration fills the students and kids with a new fervor of patriotism

On this hallowed day, the forever grateful Indian people respectfully
remember the brave martyrs, who fought against British Imperialism,
laying down their lives for the nation and the society, and upholding the
rights of the Indians to make constitution.
Aider salutes those brave hearts and kept a program to remember them
Students of Aider, celebrate the day with all pomp and show. They
decorate the whole school with balloons, frills and charts. Dance and
sing patriotic songs. Small kids were very enthusiastic with flags in their
hands. We distribute toffees and biscuits among the children.

The celebration deeply honors the Republic of India

Saraswati Pooja or Vasant panchmi is a festival that marks, the arrival of
spring, celebrated by people in various ways, depending on the region. This is
the day of Saraswati Maa, the goddess of wisdom, knowledge and art.
Aider celebrated the auspicious day with all our students.
We pray to the supreme Goddess for endowing us with the strength to constantly work towards social welfare.

Fruits and namkeen rice with yummy crispy
potatoes are distributed among little children.
Teachers and students both enjoyed the fest with feast.

Colors, gujiyas and fun…
Holi is the biggest festival of Hindus. It is the symbol of love and unity and
celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Holi is celebrated with vibrant
colors – these colors are actually colors of joy, colors of love and colors
that fill our life with happiness to the core of our hearts. It adorns each
life with its various hues. Aider celebrates the festival on 20th march,
delightedly with home-made colors. And all children enjoy a lot with
colors and they learnt how to make home-made colors and their benefits.

In India, Children’s day is celebrated on November 14 to mark India’s first Prime Minister, jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday.

It was a day, full of games, party and full of interaction with teachers. Aider made it more beautiful with a small competition of drawing and painting.

Children from marginalized communities look forward to such events and it has extra significance for them.

So we brought samosas and chocolates for all children, and made this day more shimmering.

Diwali is the festival of lights. It’s the day that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The celebration of Diwali at AIDER involved Laxmi and Ganesh Pooja, whereby all children and AIDER’s staff sang the hymns in praise of our beloved deities to shower their blessings on us and to give us strength in our relentless pursuit of Women and Child Empowerment.  We were joined by Sir VK Jha along with his family. This auspicious occasion was further marked with the distribution of gifts and sweets among our little children by Mr Jha and Mrs Jha. They blessed the kids for a healthy and successful future. The celebration ended on a joyous note with children smiling, dancing and enjoying the pious atmosphere. May the eternal light of truth and righteousness always guide us towards the service of humanity.

Christmas is the perfect occasion for one to spend time with their loved ones. Aider is also a family and we usually celebrate all occasions with full charm.
We celebrate the day of Christmas on 24th December.With an enchanting dance party, unlimited fun, games, there is so much to enjoy. Small students wear colorful dresses and red caps. Computer centre girls showcase their inner bliss in form of dance.Whole centre is decorated with goodies and balloons.The day is really memorable.

christmas Celebration

Diwali celebration

Independence Day Celebration

Children's Day Celebration

Saraswati Pooja

Holi Celebration